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Impairment of Inhibitory Synapse Formation and Motor Behavior in Mice Lacking the NL2 Binding Partner LHFPL4/GARLH4.

ATM and ATR play complementary roles in the behavior of excitatory and inhibitory vesicle populations.

Cdk5-dependent phosphorylation of liprinα1 mediates neuronal activity-dependent synapse development

GAS2L1 Is a Centriole-Associated Protein Required for Centrosome Dynamics and Disjunction

A Mitochondrion-Specific Photoactivatable Fluorescence Turn-On AIE-Based Bioprobe for Localization Super-Resolution Microscope

Three-Dimensional Superresolution Imaging of the FtsZ Ring during Cell Division of the Cyanobacterium Prochlorococcus

A Distinct Pathway for Polar Exocytosis in Plant Cell Wall Formation

A User-Friendly Two-color Super-resolution Localization Microscope

ATM protein is located on presynaptic vesicles and its deficit leads to failures in synaptic plasticity

Faster super-resolution imaging of high density molecules via a cascading algorithm based on compressed sensing

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Selected Publication of STORM principles and methology

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