NBI SRiS 3.0

Super-resolution microscopy has become a powerful imaging tool for biology and material science. To obtain reliable and super resolution imaging results, it requires not only the knowledge of biology, but also the background in physics, chemistry, computer science, and engineering. Yet, it has been challenging for most scientists.

In collaboration with HKUST Super-Resolution Imaging Center, NanoBioImaging (NBI) has commercialized user-friendly Super-Resolution Imaging System, SRiS.


SRiS 3.0 equipped with Olympus microscope body, for details, please refer to the production manual (Chinese | English).

Work Flow Video

This video is captured in 2017 with SRiS 2.0

Key features

20 nm resolution

10 times greater than conventional optical microscopes

Simultaneous Multi-channel imaging

Time-efficient, minimizing photobleaching

Active locking system with nanometer precision

Highly stable and efficient

Optimized imaging buffer

Balanced photochemical properties for different channels

No warm-up time required

Time saving

Images by SRiS 3.0



Your best solution, for your best imaging.


Easy and seamless workflow


Comprehensive technical support


Running in general lab conditions, even at exhibition


Product Images

SRiS 3.0 Outlook

Stable and efficient hardware


Highly efficient

NBI featured simultaneous multi-channel imaging delivers super resolution images of multiple targets at the same time, shortening the data acquisition time to 1/3 of other commercial products. What’s remarkable, it minimizes photobleaching which is severe in sequential super-resolution imaging of multiple channels.


Most stable and reliable

NBI developed active locking system to correct the sample drifting in real-time during data acquisition. The samples can be “locked” with nanometer precisions and no post-acquisition correction is required. This not only guarantees reliable results without artifacts caused by software correction, but also saves users’ time waiting for system stabilization and thermal equilibrium after each sample loading.

User-friendly software



Rohdea provides improved user experience compared with competing imaging softwares. Rohdea structures super-resolution imaging workflow into four steps: 1. view preparing, 2. wide-field image acquisition, 3. super-resolution image testing, and 4. super-resolution image acquisition. With these standardized steps, the user is able to capture super-resolution imagings easily.

Powerful and intelligent analysis tools



Spruce is an image analysis tool developed by NBI. With spruce, the user can analyze the reconstructed super-resolution images to get customized analysis reports, including the distribution of cluster sizes / patterns, co-localization distribution, error distribution etc.

comprehensive support

Super resolution imaging solution

  • With our varied technical background and extensive imaging experiences, NBI experts help users’ imaging kick off right away by providing project consultation, feasibility analysis, protocol design, etc.

Sharing our knowledge base of sample preparation and imaging solutions

  • Sharing our knowledge base of sample preparation and imaging solutions. We share our optimized sample preparation protocol and imaging configuration templates with our users, with the aim of helping they obtain the best imaging results within the shortest time.

Online and on-site support beyond maintenance

  • Our technical support not only includes hardware maintenance, but also on-line and on-site consultation on rational of super-resolution fluorescent imaging, experimental protocols, data analysis and modeling, manuscript drafting, etc.

Long-term collaboration – growing up together with

  • NBI is willing to collaborate with customers in a long-term manner. We will provide customers our latest techniques. We are also willing to meet your individualized technical demand.

Imaging service

  • We provide professional, affordable, and efficient imaging services to our customers. [Details]